Minalyzer is a desktop software.
Point Minalyzer to ANY website, Crawl (Spider) all of its Content & Create Full Text Index on it.

Now, think about endless possibilities:
mine and analyze You can Mine and Analyze ANY website. Mine and Analyze your website with Minalyzer
analyze competitor website You can research a competitor’s website. Analyze the website of your competitor using Minalyzer
search full text index Search for keywords in the Full Text Index. Search keywords in the Full Text Index
find content and errors of website You can improve content and errors on your own website. Improve the content and errors of website with Minalyzer
find webpage metatags You can check the SEO Metatags used on every page. Find SEO Metatags using Minalyzer
find http status code You can find all http status codes (errors, redirects, loops etc.) on a website. Find all HTTP status codes with Minalyzer
search broken links You can find all broken links. Search all broken links using Minalyzer
search images links You can find all image names and improve them for SEO benefits. Search all the images of your website
search alt tags of site You can find all Alt tags on images and improve them for better SEO. Find all Alt tags of your site using Minalyzer
find anchor links You can find all pages with Anchor links and update them when the Anchor links change. Find all pages with Anchor links
search parent links You can find all Parent links of any page to ensure optimal count of Internal links and to make changes when a link changes. Search all parent links of a webpage using Minalyzer
search outgoing links of website You can find all outgoing links on your website. Using Minalyzer find all outgoing links on your website
find spam links of website You can identify spam links on user generated content (Forums, Blog comments etc.) Identify spam links exist on your website with Minalyzer

Download Minalyzer for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Operating System
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Minalyzer costs only $29.99 . You can crawl your own or a competitor’s website, create full text index on it and generate reports on it. You can quickly increase revenue and fix problems (lost revenue) on your website.
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